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Shop & Souvenirs

In the cave office on the main square you can purchase beautiful souvenirs. As a specialty, we also offer you cave delicacies. These are local products associated with Obir dripstone caves. Such gifts will definitely satisfy anyone.

Höhlenschmankerl – Cave delicacies

The constant temperature (+ 8 ° C) in the Obir dripstone caves, sterile and dust-free air, the 80-90% humidity and natural ventilation create ideal conditions for the ripening of our local delicacies in cooperation with our partners.

The Obir dripstone cave delicacies are Carinthian products of high quality.

Cave Beer (Höhlen Bier) – Schleppe brewery in a nostalgic bottle

Naturally brewed, according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. For the bier production only high quality raw materials from controlled contract farming are being used. The Brewery represents the brand “Kärnten echt gut” (“Carinthia really good”) with pride – this brand stands for the highest quality food from Carinthia with the best raw materials and the greatest care in processing. This beer is stored on the cave for 6 months and is available in a 3l nostalgic bottle.
Cave Beer wins GOLD MEDAL!

Our cave beer wins gold medal in the choice of exceptional beers. (For more informations go to the section More News)!

Cave ham following Art Cullatello

The ham following Art Cullatello has been produced by the butcher Nussbaumer. This is a ham that is salted skinless, boneless and without fat in sea salt and herbs. It ripes for 20 months in the caves of Obir.

Cave wine from the winery Gartner – Hiatabua and Pinot Noir (Blauer Burgunder)

In the spring of 1972 the first vineyard on Weinzedl, southwest of St. Andra, was established. This is how the viticulter in Carinthian arose from the long sleep. Here they still rely on the ancient Carinthian winemaking tradition – the tradition of Lavantaler vineyards and viticultural family tradition. The Pinot Noir ripes for 6 months in oak barrels in the caves of Obir.

Cave Chocolate – Manufactory Craigher

The love for chocolate brought Mr. Craigher to the idea of establishing his own small chocolate factory. Handmade with love each bit becomes unique. The chocolate of outstanding quality – due to the best ingredients and freshness, which can only be achieved when home- and handmade. Currently, the tonsils and hazelnut crocants are available.

Cave liqueur Coppla

Blackcurrant and walnut liqueur Coppla Kaša (Association of the valley of the Vellach Farmers) contain fruit and berries grown in the side valleys of Eisenkappel. Fruits for these brandies, which are used as a base, stems from the extensive orchards, which consecutively remain supplied and preserved and characterize the landscape.

Cave ham, cave bacon and cave sausages from the tavern “Zum Florian”

This noble pork ham is being air-dried in the Dripstone caves of Obir for 8 weeks. Ripening of the Obir cave ham is taking place at a constant temperature and humidity 500 metres underground! The well-known and popular Carinthian dried sausages and Carinthian bacon also ripe and dry in the tunnels of Obir.

Plum brandy, fruit brandy, apple brandy and Carinthian cider pear from the distillery Pfau

Best schnapps or brandy can only be cooked out of the best fruit. Pfau distillery uses only selected fruits, which at the time of harvest, they themselves like to eat – fresh and ripe. They do not know sugar. It is distilled, according to the Brouillis- and the fine distill method, in copper kettles. 100% natural.

All sorts of schnapps are available in different sizes, with or without gift wrapping.

Cave salami from the butcher Hösl

Butcher – master firm since 1966. A traditional butcher’s shop – a master company with respect for good and domestic quality. Only cattle and pigs from the Jauntal Valley are being purchased and processed. The cave salami gets its special flavor from selected spices and the 6-month riping in the Dripstone caves of Obir. A tasteful rarity!

All these Obir delicacies can be bought in the office on the main square and in the cave cafe at the cave entrance!