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The course of the Obir dripstone tour

The regular cave tour takes about 90 minutes, but the entire duration of your visit lasts about 3 hours. To get a better idea of how these 3 hours are distributed, we have prepared a description of the course.

Time schedule

  • 0:00

    We will drive with the cave bus from the ticket office on the main square to the Obir dripstone caves. Enjoy the 30minute drive up to the mountain. From the main square we will drive across the Woschitzgraben up to the Unterschäffler-Alps. During the ride you can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains and the valley.

  • 0:30

    You have arrived at the mountain, where you will be greeted by members of our team. Enter the building and wait for the prompt of your group.

  • 0:40

    Once your group has been called, please follow the instructions of your guide. You will get a helmet (compulsory), on request you can also get a jacket and an audio guide. Now your tour officially begins. Enjoy the cave experience and the views of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

  • 2:10

    After 90 minutes you will see the daylight again and will return to the mountain station. After submission of the helmets, jackets and audio guides you will also have the opportunity to purchase photos and relax while eating or drinking at the cafe. Of course you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding landscape.

  • 2:30

    Your adventure is coming to an end. Once your group is called, you get on the bus, which drives you back to Bad Eisenkappel.

  • 3:00

    You have now, hopefully very satisfied, returned to Bad Eisenkappel. At the cave office you can purchase souvenirs, or if you ran out of time before the tour, we recommend a visit to Geopark information centre, which lies right across the street!