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Living Pictures from the Obir dripstone cave

Living Pictures will give you an unprecedented three-dimensional impression of uniqueness and singularity of the caves.

With the help of the so-called live pictures, you will easily get the idea of uniqueness and singularity of the caves.

Obir dripstone caves were the first of their kind where an innovative feature – a light field camera was used. This camera can capture the entire light field. Subsequently you may change the focus, experience 3D effects and explore the entire scene.


  • Enjoy stunning photos in full screen mode (to enlarge click bottom right of the image)
  • Double-click on the picture for zoom
  • For the perspective view (shift) hold down the mouse button and move the mouse
  • For zoom double-click on the picture
  • Start the integrated animiation by clicking on the play arrow .
  • To explore the image, you can pause the animation at any time, with just a click on the picture
  • After the animation, you will be automatically moved on to the next image. Use the arrow to return to the previous screen for further exploration
  • Take a look at the images. There are currently 9 pictures in the Lytro Gallery..