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Bad Eisenkappel

Experience the diversity

Eisenkappel offers countless opportunities for leisure activities in the great outdoors, in the fields of culture, sports, recreation, and health spas. The southernmost Austrian municipality lies 558 meters above sea level. A real paradise for nature lovers.

One of the biggest attractions is the Eisenkappel health spa, which boasts with a natural spring source, in this mild and healthy regional climate.

In harmony with nature

Protected areas (Vellacher Kotschna, Trögerner Klamm), with its botanical treasures attract many visitors. 200 kilometers of bicycle paths, 200 km of hiking trails and forest, 30 kilometers of fishing paradise, a museum of classic cars, the Obir dripstone caves, Hochobir mountain, and many other close-lying excursion points, which are also worth visiting. You can find something for every taste, for singles, couples and for families with children.

Fresh air and spa

Eisenkappel is the only place in Austria where you will find the air and thermal spa. Fog is not present throughout the year. The sun shines an average of 176 days per year. The Mediterranean influences and a large forest provide a mild and healthy climate.

Worth a visit

Eisenkappel has a lot to offer. To view exactly what, you can check their official website: www.bad-eisenkappel.info