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Available tours

Since 2015, in addition to the regular tour, the Obir dripstone caves offer special tours as well! Here you can read more about their course.

Regular tour

The classic tour

The regular tour with a duration of 1.5 hour: You will experience all stations as described in the section Cave tour, with all multimedia effects, background music and professional guidance of our cave guide.

Bus transfer (not with hiking), entrance, helmets and guide are included in the ticket price. The prices can be found here

For the regular tour applies: free admission with valid Kärnten Card, Power Card, Wörthersee Card and National Park Card! Your Kärnten Card or Power Card can be charged at the Information centre and at the Ticket Office of Obir dripstone caves.

Photo tour

Make your own photos in the Obir dripstone caves

Since photography in the regular tour for security reasons is not allowed and since the interest of it has increased, we have decided to offer you a brand new photo tour!

Photographic tours are only possible by prior booking from May onwards, 2x a week, on Wednesdays (1 morning tour) and Saturdays (rear view).
Photo Tours are possible only possible by prior arrangements, 2 times per week, on wednesdays (first morning tour) and saturdays (last tour).

The photo guide contains the complete regular path (see above). In addition, the stay is extended at each station so that you can shoot from the beautifully illuminated stalactites in peace photos for your memories. Even in beautiful places on the go, you can stop and take pictures. This tour is conducted with small groups of maximum 10 people. A tripod is not permitted in this guide, monopods and flash photography is allowed (while walking not permitted). Your photos may be used for private purposes. Photo tours cover the entire range of the regular tour (see above). In addition, the stops at stations are extended, so that you are able to shoot the beautifully illuminated dripstones in a relaxed atmosphere. You can also stop along the way and take a picture of whatever might have caught your attention. This tour is possible with small groups of maximum 10 people. Tripods are not allowed, while monopods and flash photography are (not while walking). Photos can be used for personal purposes only. Any commercial use must be requested in advance and requires a written permission of Obir dripstone caves GmbH.

Total time duration: approx. 3,5 hours

Current prices can be found here

For the Photo tour applies: No entry with Kärnten Card, Power Card, Wörthersee Card and National Park Card! These tours can only be purchased according to above price list. For any additional questions, we’re here to help!

Interested in a professional photo tour?

Are you interested in a photo tour of the caves under the guidance of a professional photographer? Mr. Jürgen Lamprecht organizes photography workshops and organizes guided tours through our cave. 3 to 4 hour stay in the caves is therefore nothing uncommon and will, surrounded with all of this beauty, pass in a flash. Within this tour you will learn how to capture the beauty of dripstones in the best way possible. You will use your own camera equipment (DSLR or system camera and tripod recommended). The maximum number of participants is 3 persons, as otherwise in certain parts it may get a little too tight. If interested, you can subsequently also learn the basics of photo-editing and panorama assembling. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Exclusive Tours

Do you have a special request?

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